How You Should Choose An Auto Transport Company

Choosing a good auto transport company is important – knowing HOW to choose the best auto transport company for your specific needs is the tough part.

Recently, we came across a good short write-up on that gave some good advice that covers generalauto transport checklist methods to help you get the best quote and shipping without having to deal with low quality shippers.

The article covers some good topics, which includes the following:

Find a company you are interested in and go directly to their website for a quote. (Do not put your information in a multi-quote website. You will receive unfavorable email and phones calls by 20 different companies.) You must enter all information correctly to receive the most accurate rate. Most automatic quotes that you will receive are for operable, standard passenger vehicles. Cars with modifications (i.e. lift kits, lowered suspensions, bigger tires) and cars that do not run cost additional money for the size, weight and conditions for the carrier.

Do not automatically go with the lowest price. Many companies lure unsuspecting customers with the lowest bid. They then need to locate a carrier to physically move your vehicle. If the carrier does not accept the low price (and generally they don’t), then your vehicle will not be moved. A lot of companies low-ball customers into using their company.

Research the transport companies you are considering. Learn from others experiences using the wealth of information available on the Internet. You can start with simply doing a Google search of the companies name, or by using a review website. Call multiple companies, ask friends if they have ever used a transport company. Review quotes, terms & conditions, reviews posted on the Internet, and . Make sure they have been in business at least a few years. This is a highly unregulated industry, and many less than desirable companies pop-up with new names every few years to strike unsuspecting customers again and again.

There are several more points that the article discusses – check it out for some good advice on finding the best car shipper for your needs.

If you’ve check out Cobalt’s reviews (see and are ready for our outstanding car transport service, call us at 855-242-8090, or visit the website to submit a quote request electronically.



This article,, was first posted at Cobalt Auto Transport Blog.

You can also read How You Should Choose An Auto Transport Company on Automobile Shipping Quote Info.


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